Matola International Concept Limited is one of the largest and most productive Manpower Outsourcing companies in the West African region. Over the years we have furnished the Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria with quality manpower. Our prowess in this field and the positive results derived by our clients has made us the preferred provider of Human capital in the region.

Today, perhaps more than ever in history, companies are faced with more pressure to consistently deliver results. Improvements in technology have led to a more informed society and workforce mobility. In a nutshell, the competition in industry is cut throat and any company that wants to thrive must employ first class human capital.
While systems and technology can help, it is the quality and effectiveness of your talent that drives success. We realise that it is critical to have the best of talent to achieve good results, no matter the business strategy. To stay ahead, companies must continually increase the capabilities and effectiveness of their workforces, from labourers to the executive level

As a leader in manpower supply and workforce management solutions, Matola International Concept Limited helps our clients maximize workforce performance by employing global best practices, creating and delivering customized solutions to all your labour need. We are here to partner with you through providing the essential talent to increase your productivity and optimize business performance.

At the core of our organizational effectiveness capabilities is a holistic approach to helping companies build and align the capabilities, processes, attitudes and talent. Our solutions range from providing assessment and actionable feedback on current workforce, to forecasting future manpower requirements and recommendations on sourcing, on-boarding, developing and accelerating talent, to aligning performance with your business strategy.