Matola source for local and foreign materials and procures for her client. With the support of her technical partners we procure materials according to client’s specification from the foreign buy house, or order the goods direct from the local or foreign manufacturers which we are Nigeria representative/ Agent.

Our expertise in accurate selection of specified materials and equipment to be procured for our client couple with the in-depth knowledge about the use of international codes and standards over the years gives Matola advantage.

With more than 40.000+ products from Top Leading Brands and a Customized approach our Team of Experts can tailor any specific need of Quotation and a worldwide Shipping service.

Official Distributor of the Best Brands of Professional Tools and Equipment

Mister Workerâ„¢ with its Official Partner Matola International Concept Ltd. is the leading Online Official Distributor for professional tools, with a wide range of top quality products dedicated to Aviation, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Industrial Equipment and High-Tech industries.

Over 40,000 products in these categories

  • Top Leading Brands for Professional Tools
  • Torque Control & Aviation Equipment
  • Non-sparking Tools
  • Automotive & MRO Supply
  • Measurement & Calibration Systems
  • High Performance Power Tools
  • Hydraulics, Plumbing & Pipeline
  • Electronics & Electrical Components

We work with Top Leading Brands in the Industries

Key target industries

  • Aerospace
  • Oil and Gas
  • Automotive
  • Steel and Mining
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Technical maintenance
  • Warehouse and Logistics
  • Naval
  • Pharma
  • E-commerce

For Special Price & Quotation Requests