Matola engages in both marine & land logistics.

With the sector receiving an unprecedented reform in recent years, we are posed to reshape the nature of maritime activities especially because the importation and exportation of both raw and manufactured goods in Nigeria and the International community cannot be overemphasized as it plays a very important role in the advancement of the economy. These aspects of our economy had led to complex but organized system in terms of international forwarding of goods and cargoes. This is where Matola becomes more relevant following our years of experience.

With a college of experienced and diligent young professionals, Matola has become a melting point of ideas and innovation with highly technical inputs to change the pattern of service delivery in the maritime sector of the nation.

In carrying out our logistic operations, we ensure that safety is not compromised.


Our activities in this sector includes:

  1. Chartering/Brokerage
  2. Leasing Services
  3. Ships Agency/Management