MATOLA INTERNATIONAL CONCEPT LTD is an indigenous based servicing company involved in the delivering of cost-effective and quality services in Oil and Gas sector, construction and marine sector of our economy.

Matola is located at 66, Campbell Street, Lagos Island Lagos, the economy hub of the region.
Our company is structured and Permitted by DPR to carry out business in the following areas of specialisation.

  • OCTG Pipes Supply
  • Procurement
  • Logistics ( Marine & Land)
  • Engineering Construction
  • Human Capital Development and Training
  • Manpower Supply.
  • Heavy Duty Equipment Supply Maintenance and Installation.

Matola Int’l Concept Ltd has a track record in quality service delivery in the above areas of specialization which place us amongst leading servicing companies in Nigeria.
With our well-trained and tested professional workforce, we have tenaciously remained active in both the upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil and
Gas Industries, construction industry and marine industry showing a practical commitment to quality and satisfaction of the desired standards of our clients.

We are very conscious of the quality, safety and durability of our services coupled with commercial value as well as customer satisfaction.
Our services are internationally competitive and affordable. We offer low operating cost and services as per your budgets without compromising the acceptable local and international standard.

However, we develop proactive and innovative strategies to meet the needs of our client.
We strongly believe and operate under the local content philosophy and principle which is aimed at technology development and transfer in Nigeria.



Matola is committed to customers’ satisfaction; in this light, Matola set her mission as:

  • To provide product and services of high quality and value that best meet the prompt needs of all her clients,
  • To foster a continued business with spirit of collaboration that will drive its business ahead with record of high level performance and good ethical integrity.
  • To operate professionally with highly experienced personnel deploying efficient and cost saving methods of engineering and construction services, ensuring project delivery within schedule, ecological friendly and safety operations.



  • Our vision is to be among the leading indigenous servicing companies in oil and gas in Nigeria.



Doing the right thing Promoting fairness Providing fair treatment

Acknowledging our strength with a desire to grow stronger Having mutual desire to succeed Providing leadership Demonstrating competence

By continually getting better Developing superior skills and abilities Exceeding set goals and objectives

By pursuing strategic opportunities Being creative Enhancing technological advancement Innovativeness.



The HSE activities of Matola shall be organized, planned and executed in such a manner as to achieve the following:

  1. Protect and promote the health of our work force and ensure their safety as well as that of members of the public.
  2. Ensure the personal security of the workforce and that of the members of the public.
  3. Avoid injury to any member of the workforce and others who are either involved in or are affected by Matola
  4. Protect the environment in which Matola operates from pollution and all forms of degradation.
  5. Seek the co-operation, and involvement of all employees with a view to meeting the above objectives.


Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environment And Security (CASHES)

Matola mission is to nurture and sustain a highly technically oriented business, through accepting responsibilities that can lead to the contribution in knowledge, skills, accomplishments, satisfactions, and efforts to the society. Management is committed to nurturing and sustaining the health, safety and security of her staff, equipment and environment. To accomplish this, management facts there is nothing more than making sure that:

  • We develop safe work methods, and make them appealing to employees.
  • All equipment, tools and machines are maintained in good repair.
  • Encourage and develop a good relationship with our host communities
  • Be committed to the nurturing and preservation of our environment.

Management is committed to nurture and sustain SAFETY Employees and visitors are addition should realize that the existence of accident is a proof of a wasteful operation that destroys the corporation mission.

MATOLA also recognizes the hazardous nature of its operations – both construction and non construction related and the adverse consequences of its failure to observe, check and control or completely eliminate the acts and conditions that could result in accidents or incidents.